Oxton 4’s 3 – 2 Bangor City 1’st

Bangor would rue the first ten minutes of the game as they struggled defensively to communicate with each other and soon found themselves 2-0 down due to a quick attacking move and a penalty flick. However they rallied together and the match soon became an end to end affair as both teams sought to dominate. A half time talk allowed Bangor to regroup and this was just what they needed as they exploded in to the second half of the game with two goals in quick succession, Oxton found themselves on the back foot, mainly thanks to the well worked partnership of Robin Williams and Aaron Cobby. However the vital third goal was not to be found and it was Oxton who against the run of play were able to take advantage with a lightning strike from the edge of the D and take the lead. With only a few minutes remaining Bangor threw everything they had at the home team, but the Oxton Goalkeeper had been in fine form throughout the game and continued to deny Bangor Right up to the final whistle. Bangor will leave this game feeling they should have come away with at least some of the spoils. Writen by Andrzej Griffith