Llandudno 1s 0-2 Bangor City 1s

Bangor City 1s did the double over their local Rivals Llandudno 1s as Bangor won again for the second meeting between these two teams this season and on this occasion the game was away at Llandudno. Bangor started the brighter of the two teams, and soon controlled the game with fast and accurate passing and midfielder Robin Williams cut swathes through the opposition, but a goal would elude the visitors for a long time as the Llandudno defence and goalkeeper put in a solid performance at the back. Two fine saves from Bangor keeper Tudur Trenholme also helped to keep the game on a level pegging right up until a short corner to Matt Rogers saw him fire the ball in to the lower right corner of the goal. Bangor were off to a good start but the second half saw them resting on their laurels and instead of chasing the game and being in control it was Llandudno who spent long periods attacking with Bangor unable to get out of their own half. An outstanding performance from Henry Caldecott kept the Llandudno attack at bay as a faultless performance saw him complete fine tackles time and time again. Other great efforts of note were put in by Owain Thomas and Joe Astley as the Llandudno attack was rebuffed time and time again. Finally the tide of pressure eased off as Matt Rogers placed a fine pass to John Kelham who struck a mighty shot that no one had a chance of stopping and suddenly Bangor were two goals up and were able to control the remeinder of the game until the final whistle writen by Andrzej Griffith