Bangor v Sale Food Report

Well the turnout for Bangor at the Antelope (who actually sponsor us and I hope they never read this!) was poor. Only four players turned up for the post match meal, but seeing how none of the Sale players turned up that was a Bonus as Bangor then won by default. Andrzej Griffith, Tom Marshall, Eduardo Dominguez and Matt Rogers (or Captain Matt as he now likes to be called) were the only players that turned up, a poor showing, especially since the Antelope had baked us all a huge cake in celebration of how awesome Bangor City is. Captain Matt, Space Adventurer, decided to go for the never seen before formation of 1-1-1-1 with Andrzej Griffith in goal, Eduardo Dominguez in defence, Tom Marshall in Midfield and Matt Rogers in Attack, we were all scared until we waited another hour and realised that Sale really were not coming. It was a tough challenge, even tougher than the game perhaps, but the boys knew what to do, they had to step up and eat all the food. The regular burgers became double burgers, chicken nuggets were scoffed at an alarming (and not particularly healthy) rate, each player had to cover the whole area of a quarter of a plate of chips, although Matty Matt seemed to eat his mountain of chips with glee, and we even caught him slyly eating Edu’s chips as well when he wasn’t looking. There were tears at half time, and we even had to go back to the bar for a second round of drinks, but lo and behold, commeth the man commeth the hour, and the hour maketh the man, and this was Tom’s hour, he rallied the troops and the end was in sight, we were down to the last burger and the last fish finger and all the chips were gone, ok so there was still half a plate of chicken nuggets left but when Matt reminded everyone that it wasn’t technically chicken, therefore it wasn’t technically food then we realised that it wouldn’t count so we stopped eating them. All that remained was the sausages, who would win between this clash of the Titans? Bangor City Hockey Club or a Plate of Sausages? The final battle could be summed up in the words of Andrzej, ‘Sod this Im taking these home for lunch tomorrow.’ And that’s just what he did, much to the horror of his team mates he filled his pockets with sausages and went home, three full hours of eating was more than enough, and any uneaten sausages could always be thrown at Captain Owain Thomas for abandoning the team!