Bangor City 1s 1-3 Stockport Bramhall 2s

A change in formation proved to be Bangor’s undoing as some of the defensive players were caught out of position when Stockport Bramhall took an early lead in the game, however the slack marking and a lack of communication that led to the visitors first goal was not improved upon and Bangor soon found themselves with too few defenders marking a quick attacking move through the centre of the pitch and Stockport Bramhall had doubled their lead in the opening ten minutes of the game. Bangor’s Captain Owain Thomas soon rallied the troops and with a few tactical changes Bangor found themselves in a mutch more comfortable position on the pitch. The match soon opened in to a free flowing game of hockey with both sides enjoying an equal share of possession and attacking opportunities. Bangor goalkeeper Tim Caldecott soon became the saviour of the first half as he performed a succession of fine saves and Stockport Bramhall soon found all of their slick attacking drives being stopped by the Bangor defence and goalkeeper. The end of the first half would see Bangor being rewarded for their perseverance as Matt Rogers deftly struck the ball high and into the corner of the goal with an unstoppable shot. Both teams fought for dominance in the second half, and the game ended up being a well-balanced match between two teams of similar skill and ability, however it was Stockport Bramhall that would put the game beyond all doubt as a player surged down the right wing and crossed the ball in to the D where the Bangor defence found themselves too slow to react and to run back in time, and with only one player marking two attackers a goal soon followed thanks to a well struck shot that drove low and to the left, ending Bangor’s revival. Both mid-table teams left the pitch happy with the duel that had ensued between them, but Bangor will now be even more fired up to get a win in their next game; a local derby against Llandudno. writen by Andrzej Griffith